Aerial photo - illustration of
Eirgrid pylon proposal

Whoa! - that would destroy the place.
With the proliferation of wind turbines elsewhere and now this - there'll be no views left in the country ... yet another of my favourite photo locations
gone up the Swanee.
No other objectors that I've spoken to would deny the need for progress but it's the manner in which this is being undertaken and the lack of willingness by Eirgrid to engage and investigate more progressive alternatives to ensure a safer ( the jury's still out on EMF's but caution is advised ) and less intrusive impact - especially in a country that depends so heavily on it's visual amenity to attract more tourism.
Eirgrid claim that their's is a 'green' solution but as far as I can see it's just pure vandalism.
Visual pollution!

Camera; Digital
Photo; July 3rd 2008
Illustration; November 2013
Stock library image file # dr_f3_2559
pylons not proceeding
more on this; what might have been

Sunday Business Post article ( clients )

Sunday Business Post article ( detail )

Here's my own ' artist impression' showing how the view could be transformed.
( excuse the pun )

... and following are some campaign websites with more information;
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Lismore street banner

Here's how the image appears on the banner at the
Bride and Blackwater Against Pylons information centre on Main Street, Lismore

street cred

Information centre entrance - open door
RTE Primetime Lismore pylons information Centre
Above is a screenshot from the RTE Player showing the building wrap of my photo illustration at the Bride and Blackwater Against Pylons information Centre on
Main Street, Lismore.
The programme was aired on 19 November 2013
Ireland Aerial Photography,
John Herriott photography, Kilbeg, Bandon, West Cork, Ireland
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